Mid Star Firearms has been offering complete gunsmithing services in the Treasure Valley for over a decade. We are happy to assist you with anything from simple maintenance to severe mechanical faults.

Our highly skilled craftsmen are renowned for their quality work, reliability, and satisfaction guarantee. At MidStar Firearms, our comprehensive gunsmithing services include all types of repairs, modifications, enhancements, and restoration. There are few jobs too large or too small for our experts, and we work on most types of guns.

We Provide:

  • Clean, lubrication, general maintenance of all firearm types
  • Mount and bore-sight scopes, red dots, etc.
  • Install and adjust pistol sights
  • Inspection, check headspace, test fire for safety & function
  • Diagnose/repair of mechanical problems & safety issues
  • Install/fit muzzle brakes & aftermarket triggers
  • Muzzle threading for suppressors or recoil compensators
  • Cut and recrown barrels, and full chambering services
  • Trigger jobs on many rifles and handguns
  • Stuck case removal, chamber polishing, and chamber casts
  • Custom fitting of stocks, recoil pads, sling studs
  • Installation of shotgun mid beads and front sights
  • Remove stuck chokes and shortening shotgun barrels
  • Full AR-15 and AR-10 builds & modifications
  • Work we consider only on a Case by Case basis: machine dovetails, drill/tap for scope bases, install rifle sights, metal refinishing, stock repairs, action work truing & lapping bolt actions, modify fixed chokes, straighten vented ribs, various lathe & mill work, solder & light blacksmithing.



Our hourly rates and job rates are fair, competitive, and based on each individual case, as every gun & request is different. Bring your guns by the shop and ask for a free estimate!

NOTE: If your firearm has a jam and is loaded with ammo, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER STORE with it. First and foremost, come inside and consult with one of our techs and we will assist you, curbside, outside the store. 

To sell, trade, or have your gun repaired, please bring it in cased. 

Thank you.