To complete a gun transfer, please speak to one of our experienced MidStar Firearms staff.

All transfers going into or out of MidStar Firearms must have a Transfer Form completed prior to the arrival or shipping of any transfer. Please speak to one of our experienced staff and they’ll help you get your transfer in order.

At MidStar Firearms, we want to be your first choice for all your firearms and accessories needs.

We do understand that at times you will find a product at another dealer that requires a dealer-to-dealer transfer. We would always appreciate the opportunity to match the price and supply the product for you, but if a transfer is still necessary, the following policy is in effect.

Our standard transfer fee is $50 for each firearm transferred.

MidStar Firearms does reserve the right to charge the full transfer amount if vital information is not supplied with the firearm being transferred. Each firearm for transfer requires the following information:

  • You, as the transferee, must contact us prior to us sending our license to your shipper. We have a short form to fill out and need your signature.
  • A copy of the Federal Firearms License of the dealer the gun is coming from or going to. This license can be faxed or mailed, but the FFL license must be present before we can receive the firearm to our books.
  •  A contact name, email address, and daytime phone number for whom the firearm is being transferred to.

We want to make your transfer a top priority, but please understand that, on average, we receive ten or more firearms per day that must be logged into our books. We log transfers only after guns received for the store are logged. All firearms must be on our books before they can be transferred. We will contact you immediately once your transferred firearm is ready to be picked up.

MidStar Firearms will only receive and ship firearms to federally licensed dealers. We will not receive or ship firearms to individuals under any circumstance.

How the Transfer Works

The firearm buyer purchases a used gun from a dealer in another state (or online). The buyer then pays the seller the price of the gun and shipping charges (if applicable). The buyer should then contact their friends at MidStar Firearms to provide relevant information about the sale, including the seller’s contact information and specific product information.

Next, MidStar Firearms contacts the seller to provide a copy of our FFL, to receive a copy of the seller’s FFL, and to share address/shipping information. The seller will then send the product to the MidStar Firearms store. Once the firearm is received, MidStar Firearms will contact the buyer to acknowledge receipt of the firearm. Customer can then come in to MidStar Firearms to complete necessary documents for ownership transfer and we take care of the rest.

The experienced staff at MidStar Firearms is here to help facilitate all of your gun transfer needs – an essential service in today’s Internet shopping age!